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Developing Future Solutions.....Today
Effective nonprofit organizations blend a specific set of characteristics.  They are mission-directed, entrepreneurial, sustainable, outcome-oriented, adaptable and customer focused.  These organizational characteristics provide the framework from which we can work together to build your future. 

Our purpose is to help build your internal capacity and capability to govern, manage, plan and change to support your mission and better serve your community. We work to strengthen and build the organization, your leaders, teams, and individuals to achieve both outstanding performance and high quality of work.

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ecializing in assisting non-profit, community, philanthropic and government agencies with organizational development, strategic planning, meeting facilitation, training and education, and interim leadership, ccbozard consulting can help your organization strengthen leadership and governance. 

ccbozard consulting provides direct support to a wide range of nonprofits, service groups and philanthropic, government and education leaders to help shape management and leadership solutions to improve performance, create positive impact and support the overall mission. 

We will work with you to build the capacity of your organization to achieve mission driven results.

“Colleen is a great asset for any not-for profit. She not only does the job she is hired for but takes a personal interest in the success of the organization often taking personal time to help with development after the job. She is knowledgeable and known as an expert in this field. She is awesome.” Tracy Simons, Board President, Girls Inc of Greater Columbia.

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