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Success Stories

"I have worked with Colleen as a colleague developing SCANPO's Guiding Principles & Best Practices and in doing training design for SCANPO's skills trainings, when she served in 2009 as the Interim Executive Director at Fair Share, and to a lesser degree as she staffed SCFS's most recent ED search.  Colleen brings a lot of experience and wisdom to the work she does.  She is a supportive supervisor, an able administrator and very clear-headed about the needs o nonprofits.  I don't recommend many consultants, but I regularly recommend Colleen to groups.  I have even done that with groups which called to hire me, when I thought Colleen could do a better job for them."  John Ruoff, Program Director, SC Fair Share

“Colleen Bozard provides sound, workable services to nonprofit organizations. She is fast, efficient, and comprehensive in her approach while observing and employing best practices in the industry and the highest ethical standards. She is a pleasure to work with and I trust her judgment without reservation.”  Cindy NeSmith, C.M. NeSmith Consulting

“….we wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your training on board governance.  Many of our board members indicated that they felt it was the best training that they had ever attended regarding Board duties and responsibilities.  Your vast knowledge and experience has really assisted us in looking at how we conduct our meetings and the make-up of our Board.”  Susan John, Executive Director, Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs.

“Colleen gets results! She connects well with people and engages them in helping to determine the direction which best fits the organization.” Jo Pauling-Jones, Executive Director, Healthy Learners

“The plan looks great and we have already seen action moving forward!  We made a first reports on our Board Meeting conference call last week.  Thank you for the time, effort, and guidance you provided during this process…you have been wonderful!”  Dana Toth, Board President, SC Association of Volunteer Administrators

“Colleen has done a phenomenal job on two occasions when SCANPO needed an Interim President. She is a dedicated Community Servant and I highly recommend her!” Antonio Boyd, Executive Director, SC Hope Worldwide

"Colleen has the unique ability to take very diverse groups of people and have them work together in order to achieve useful and workable goals.  She conducts meetings with a positive sense of humor and sense of purpose that stimulates team building and mutual respect.  One of the best facilitators I have ever encountered.  I would recommend her to any group in need of this service."  Denise Barker, former President SC Foster Care Review Board

Colleen worked with us to reconfigure our Board, to provide Board training and to review our by-laws and policies.  We now have a competent, professional and diverse board.  Our Board and organization are stronger than ever which has been critical in the current economic climate."  Cec Calcaterra, Chapin We Care Center  

"Colleen Bozard has helped Tybee Arts Association (TAA) make it through ten years of improvement.  She has helped us learn to operate with less burn out and more year to year consistency in the turnover of an all volunteer organization.  We are currently updating our bylaws again and making changes that reflect our experiences through those years.  With her assistance, we think we now have a solid base to work from for the next ten.  I would describe Colleen as being like Al-a-Non.  You are miserable, you know that there has to be a better way for the orgainization to function.  You feel like you are fighting this uphill battle all alone and that no other NP has 'these' problems and then Colleen comes in.  She brushes our the hurt and disappointment by showing your group how similar your problems are to other groups she works with.  She provides the structure to have the conversations you weren't having and the forms to start shaping a Board vision that builds on your good qualities while teaching you new skills.  Pretty soon you learn to change the things you can and leave the rest.  If we were a reality show, our Board, (the judges) would all give Colleen the highest marks." Samantha Claar, 2012 Vice-President, TAA

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