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Strategic Planning

One of the most critical leadership responsibilities is establishing a shared vision for your organization and then developing a plan for getting there.  Strategic planning is a tool for finding the best future for your organization and the best path to reach that destination. A strategic plan outlines the steps to achieve a desired future, prioritizes the work to be done and facilitates short-term decision making based on long term implications.  A strategic plan is a dynamic document that lends flexibility; planning allows an organization to anticipate change and prepare for it. Day-to-day decision making and problem solving becomes directly related to long-range and short-term goals. Strategic decision making and problem solving assure that the organization’s vision will be achieved.
ccbozard consulting will work with you to develop strategic direction for your organization, with goals and measurable outcomes.  The plan will insure uniformity of purpose as well as both internal and external enthusiasm and commitment to the organizaiton and its strategies.  As a result, your Board of Directors and staff will have clearer direction and structure for its efforts.  Together we will:
  • Establish a clear vision, mission & values
  • Conduct your initial planning assessment
  • Identify overall goals and measurable objectives
  • Work with staff and board members to create operational management plans
  • Prepare a final, practical, functional plan.

“Colleen understands nonprofit organizations and can lead a board or staff through a fun learning and planning session that produces real results.” Erin Hardwick Pate, CEO. SC Association of CPA’s.

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