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Executive Transitions

Leadership transitions are often viewed as one of the most challenging phases in the life span of a nonprofit. A nonprofit's ability to sustain effective leadership during planned and unplanned transitions is vital! Succession planning is typically seen as a matter of replacing a person rather than building organizational capacity. ccbozard consulting can help with three phases of leadership transition - preparing for emergency transitions, strategic leadership development and support through an executive search. We can help with interim executive leadership as well as search suport for recruiting and hiring your next executive.

Interim Executive Directors are not simply board members or staff who sit in the executive director’s seat for a few weeks or months until a new director is found. Interim Executive Directors are highly skilled managers who temporarily take the helm of an organization, help the board and staff address important systems and capacity issues, and lay the groundwork for the permanent leader’s success. Not all organizations in transition require an interim Executive Direcctor, but groups that do use one often emerge stronger, more financially sound, and with high levels of optimism about the future.

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 “While I was on the board of two nonprofit groups, Colleen provided consulting services. Both groups were struggling with identity and leadership. One had financial challenges; one had ownership challenges. In both instances, Colleen's consulting positioned the organizations as effective, mission driven groups that now have important impact on this community. We could not have done it without her.” Linda Salane, Leadership Institute, Columbia College

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